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Oceanview Publishing has just lowered the price on South Beach Shakedown, Bahama Burnout and St. Barts Breakdown to $1.99 for ebooks. GREAT! All three won national awards...perfect reads for the Kindle or Nook. Three books for less than six bucks.


Andy Smith from Seaboards has designed a sign to replicate a dive shop in Islamorada from 1935, the year a hurricane destroyed the town along with Flagler's East Coast Railroad. The shop is where Skip and James rent dive equipment in the my novel Too Much Stuff. You can own the sign, plus an autographed copy of Too Much Stuff. Visit Seaboards and get all the details.

Islamorada Sign

Don Bruns talks about the father of the Hardy Boys.

Check out Don playing with the Rock Bottom Remainders!

Garcia gets a mention on the Rush Limbaugh show!

For the second year in a row, Don has won the Royal Palm Literary Award from the Florida Writer's Association for Best Mystery of the Year. This year's winner was Stuff To Spy For; last years was Stuff Dreams Are Made Of.

#7 in the Stuff Series

An Academy Award-winning actor leaps to his death during the filming of a TV show in Miami. Suicide or murder? His girlfriend hires the firm of More or Less Investigations, and Skip Moore and James Lessor find that Hollywood really is the land of make-believe.

#5 in the Caribbean Series
Now Available!

Dear Readers,
Here's the cool cover for Bahama Burnout, Mick Sever's latest adventure. Mick is covering a story for Newsweek Magazine in Nassau, about a famous recording studio that's burned down, and the ghost that haunts the property. This story also involves an old rusty Cadillac that may have belonged to Elvis. If you look closely, you'll see sheet music notation in the fire. That's my song, The Way I Feel, from my CD Last Flight Out. (Go to the music section of the website and you can hear part of the song.)

#4 in the series, ST. BARTS BREAKDOWN, is now available in trade paper! cocktails

 Make the drinks that go with the Caribbean books—check out each book page for the recipes!

Don Bruns Hot Stuff Photo

Don Bruns cooks up number 6 in the Stuff series, Hot Stuff.


Don Bruns talks about the father of the Hardy Boys.


Authors Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson, Scott Turow, Tim Dorsey and others play the Miami Book Fair...fifth floor balcony. Notice the lead singer! I never claimed that this was pretty.


 Check out this article in Rotary International: Fundraiser Ends in Character Assignation.


Don plays Michael Connelly's guitar at the 2007 Killer Nashville Banquet! Check out the MUSIC page here!



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